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What's New?
We have too many cars to list on one
page, so please follow the links on the
side.  Please keep in mind that our
prices are negotiable.  Don't hesitate
to come by or give us a call with your
best offer.
Classic Cars of Knoxville, Inc. is a
family-owned business.  We buy, sell,
and trade classic cars and trucks.  We
also have a limited collection of late
model vehicles.
A little more information...
Keep in Touch!
If you're looking for something that is not on our website, or have an
automobile to trade, give us a call and we'll see what we can do.  We
welcome your comments and are always pleased when you stop by.  
Come by today and check us out!!!
Classic Cars of Knoxville,
Located in Knoxville, TN
List cars on Ebay from time to time
Attend local car shows and auctions
Call today to find out more about
this beautiful Cadillac! You can
view more pictures in the
General Motors Category.
Hello everyone!  My
name is Logan.  Don't
be fooled by my
horsey, we only trade
for automobiles!
Come on, you know
you have to trust this
Don't tell Papaw, but I'm the
boss around here these
Papaw and I love to
Contact me:
865-254-7850 or 865-254-7849

Some of the dates on the pictures are
inaccurate due to the settings on different
Still looking for the
perfect car?
Let Logan point you in
the right direction to
Classic Cars of
I love my Mini
Don't worry folks, I test
drive almost all of the
cars...this is mamaw and
me in the '33 Dodge
Just hangin' out with the
lawnmowers and the
Check out our buddy Cole's big
I love riding the Gator
with my Papaw!